I finally made it to the B’s!!!  It was 12 countries and only took 25 months to get here.  I’m slow, but excited to be making some progress.  I however am not so happy that I had a cold right before surgery.  I’m booked to get my double mastectomy.  I’ve never had surgery before and am nervous that they might cancel.  My doctors made me workout and quit drinking to prepare for surgery, so wouldn’t a cold be a big deal?  I called and let the doctor know.  The nurse says they likely won’t as long as I don’t have a fever.  So I am  alternating drinking emergen-C water and honey and lemon tea. Hoping that my surgery day will stick, but I would much prefer to be healthy sitting on a beach and drinking a cocktail!  Well at least I can learn about Bahamas food.

Bahamas is an island country in the Atlantic ocean.


Bahamas is made up of 700 islands.  The Bahamas was the site of Columbus’ first landfall in 1492, and it turns out that they celebrate Columbus Day, but it is known as Discovery Day there.  The Bahamas was a British colony and when the United States won its independence they resettled the American loyalists there.  It became an independent commonwealth in 1973.

Bahamian cuisine includes seafood such as fish, lobster, crab, and conch as well as tropical fruits, rice, and pork.  It is heavily influenced by the American south.

I have decided to cook:



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