It’s Been a Year

My first post for this blog was on July 4th, 2014. It has been a year since I quit a really stressful job, with no other job lined up. For me that was a big risk, however since I was 13 I have been either in school or working, so it was time to take a bit of time off while I was young. I felt good about the decision and then I panicked. I had no hobbies!!! My primary focus had been work and then some fun time with friends. I was driving to my good friends house, who I am ironically staying with again this weekend, and started thinking that maybe I can do a cook book like in Julia and Julia.  In discussing with my friends we came up with the idea that it has to be cooking food around the world. So here I am still at it a year later.

Originally I was cooking a few dishes a day for myself. Just picking things that sounded interesting rather than cooking a full meal. When I decided to cook Sabzi Challow, the original recipe was for 8 lamb shanks. I knew that was way too much food for one person, so cut the recipe in half and asked the butcher for 4 lamb shanks. I walked home with 5 lbs of meat in my grocery bag, which was still way too much food for one person. So invited some friends over and made a dinner party of it. It was really rewarding to see all the effort of cooking enjoyed by the friends I love,  drinking wine, listening to stories, and laughter. Other friends started hearing about the dinner and wanted to be invited and now I pretty much only cook these dishes for dinner parties.

The original goal was to do a country a week. With 206 sovereign nations the estimate was that this would take me  3 years and 46 weeks. I currently am posting about Armenia, however have started cooking Belarus dishes. At my original pace I should have been 16 weeks into this hobby, I’m currently 52 weeks. My progress has obviously slowed with changing this to dinner parties and other things in my life this year. I think this is looking much more like a 10 year project, which I’m excited to see through.

Well happy Fourth of July and here’s to me finishing this crazy project! Cheers!



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