Argentina! Finally a country I have visited. When I was visiting in 2010 during the African world cup what I remember most is steak, football, and discovering the joys of Malbec.

Argentina is located in the southeast of South America. It is bordered by Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and the South Atlantic Ocean. Argentina claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the south sandwich Islands.  It is the 8th largest country in the world and the largest Spanish speaking one.


Argentina was first colonized by Spain in 1512, prior to that the population was sparse dating back to the Paleolithic period. From 1810 until 1818 they fought a war for independence and then a civil war lasting until 1861.  After the country stabilized there was massive immigration to Argentina from Europe, similar to what was happening in the United States. The significantly changing society and the economy became the 7th wealthiest in the world. In the 1930’s Argentina was impacted by the great depression and so farming became less and less common, meaning that the country had to rely on imports. Through the years this caused several economic crises and political upheaval. One story we are familiar with is Juan Peron, who came into power in 1946 and his popular wife Eva Peron whose story became the basis for a musical.

Wine is a large part of Argentine culture, however it was not heavily imported into the US until much more recently due to the lack of need. So the wines are not as common as some of the Chilean wines. They are also the largest consumers of red meat in the world. They also enjoy empanadas, locoro, humita, and mate.

This week I am going to make:




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