Angola is a country in Africa that is bordered by Namibia, Congo, Zambia, and the Atlantic Ocean.



Angola was a Portuguese colony and gained its independence in 1975. There are three primary militant groups, and shortly after independence was won these groups started a civil war that lasted until 2002. The brutality of the war caused a lot of the portuguese to flee from Angola to portugal. The portuguese made up the skilled workforce in Angola, so with their departure the economy started to go into ruins.  The economy started to rebound in the 1990s due to the country’s vast petroleum and mineral reserves and the economy has grown in double digits since. However the majority of the population remain poor and they have the worst life expectancy in the world.

The food of Angola has a heavy Portuguese and African influence. They use a lot of beans and rice, fish, chicken, sweet potato, tomatoes, onions, okra, and garlic. After a long week with Andorra I settle on making these dishes:




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