Andorra is a small country in between France and Spain. It is in the pyrenees mountains and is the 6th smallest nation in Euproe.  Yup, where the red circle is that’s Andorra.


Some interesting facts about Andorra: Its economy is mainly supported by tourism with about 10.2 million visitors annually. People go for the skiing and shopping as they are considered a tax haven. It is not part of the European union however for trade of manufactured goods they get to participate the same as the rest of Europe with no tariffs. They don’t have their own currency and were using the Franks and Pestea until 2002. They now use the euro and have negotiated to start printing their own euro coins in 2014. They traditionally have one of the world’s lowest unemployment rates and the government pays for medical insurance for anyone who is employed. Their medical care is attributed to why they have the longest life expectancy in the world.

The national language is Catalan. Catalana is the culture from a region in Spain call Catalonia which is made up of  Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. Polls show that just over half of Catalans back independence and their president  at Diada (Catalina’s independence day) announced a vote for independence in 2014, which is exactly 300 years after Philip V of spain’s troops squashed the Barcelona revolt and also when Scotland votes on independence from the United Kingdom.  This is starting to become more about Spain and scotland than Andorra.

Andorra shares the Catalan culture and cuisine. Andorra cooks a variation of Catlana which is considered the mountain cuisine.  They are in love with cargols, which are snails. They use a lot of salted ham and meats. Trout is common as it is a mountain area, but they don’t do much agriculture so most of their food products are shipped in.  This week I am going to be making:



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